Drums are ancient instruments with a big energy that have always been used throughout history of human beings. Drums symbolise the heartbeat, they are used when masses of people gather to create power and they are also used in many magical ways to unite people. Drums are the ultimate tool for empowerment.
At Drum Dance Ireland we make a learning experience possible through facilitating specific games and activities that are fun and enhance
– confidence building
– cooperation
– self expression
– team work


Working and playing with drums and percussion brings everyone involved together through a beat and rhythm. Therefore there are no boundaries set whatsoever as in what field of education drums can be used.
For almost 25 years (including the time before Drum Dance Ireland was founded) we have worked:
– in national and secondary schools
– doing team building in the corporate sector
– in institutions with people with various disabilities
– in pre-schools
– in nursing homes
– running networking events
– with youth clubs
and other groups and formations of people seeking a musical alternative for educational reasons.