Urs Wenk, native of Switzerland, moved to Ireland in 2002 and was founding the company Drum Dance Ireland a few years later. With a background of being a teacher for West African drumming, performing in bands and working with a numerous professional musicians and dancers he was looking for a new challenge and renewed joys in his profession.
By adapting his skills he had aquired working with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds over all those years he more and more made his services and work available to a much wider crowd by bringing in the ultimate fun factor and total accessibility for everyone.
Now performing interactive shows, facilitating drum circles, teaching the art of connectedness and empowerment through rhythm and drums to groups and organisations across the country he knows from experience and observing people taking part and interacting, that drumsĀ  – when played together regardless of previous experience – have a very powerful effect on everybody bringing happiness and joy.
For any bigger events Urs brings along other experienced facilitators and performers.