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Ideal for all occasions and events including weddings, festivals, birthday parties & corporate events and much more.
For our shows we provide the event organiser who will work with you to ensure the event and participants are tailored for.
The event can include up to 80 drums such as djembés, congas and bass drums, plus another 100 percussion instruments varying from bells to shakers or boomwhackers.
Typical length of an interactive show is 45 to 60 minutes.  That includes fun interactive games and activities resulting in a powerful experience of not alone playing the drums together but interacting with the other participants and getting a rhythm going.
Absolutely no previous experience in drumming is required for these sessions to work and it is aimed at people of all ages and abilities.

We have performed this show at hundreds of events all over the country and can guarantee that this will bring not only something unique but also a happy experience for everybody at your event. Everyone who is involved will enjoy a fun and highly interactive experience, as well as creating lifelong memories.

‘The best thing at our wedding! Urs got everybody going, including our older guests. The atmosphere was fantastic, so much fun. Everyone still talks about the drum show. We totally recommend Drum Dance Ireland to anyone that would like to have something different and interactive at their wedding party.’
Helen and Ivan