Ideal for any occasions and events like weddings, festivals, birthday parties etc.
For our shows we can provide the event organiser and their participants with more than 60 drums such as djembés, congas and bass drums plus another 100 percussion instruments (bells, shakers etc.).
Typical length of an interactive show that is full of fun games and activities and a powerful experience of playing together with a big number of others is 45-60 minutes.
Absolutely no previous experience in drumming is required for this and it is aimed at people of all ages and abilities.
We have performed this show at hundreds of various events all over the country and can guarantee that this will bring not only something unique but also a happy experience for everybody to you and your event. Everybody is involved and active 🙂

Our DRUM DANCE SHOWS are interactive as well and totally unique to Ireland.
Play drums and dance along to some of your favourite tunes!
We keep the dance choreography intentionally very simple in order for everybody being able to follow our dance instructor. This also allows every participant to concentrate fully on hitting the drums at the same time as everybody else which creates enormous power.
For these shows we use congas, bass drums on stands as well as our custom made barrel drums. All of them are colour coded to allow for more variety and fun games within the show. We can provide drums and sets of drum sticks for approximately 50 participants.